Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What is Family

"A family is a blessing not a responsibility" that's how we should view our family according to a book I read entitled " The Janitor" by Todd Hopkins & Ray Hilbert which I highly recommend for you to read.

 According to the book, we all tend to view our family as ( & I quote)  "a responsibility, the reason we must work, to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.  

This mind-set lends itself to several problems.  

It becomes a necessary evil to meet the burden of responsibility at home.  If the purpose of work is defined as providing for home life, then it becomes hard to enjoy either work or home.  So when work is miserable, naturally it is home's fault."  

And what usually happens upon reaching home after a tiring hard days work, some of us tends to be hot headed that sometimes leads to grouchiness which leads us doing things which later we regret doing. ( can anybody relate to this?)  

 " So how should you look at it then"?  The author continued saying " Very simple. If you view your family as a blessing, not a responsibility, you can experience joy with your family.  

Then you are able to experience your work in a fresh and free way -- free from viewing it as slave work to provide for home--you become free to uncover your real purpose for work"  

And what is that? the author then asked...that is a question we must ask ourselves... and once we uncover that purpose, we will become excited about our work and work will become fun again.  

It will have a meaning.  Because for people who truly understand and live out their purpose, work does not seem like work." 

With this blog, I would like to share my blessings...my family... on this video when our family was featured on   a TV program entitled " Moments"

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